Bonner Mall Cinemas
Movie Schedule For Fri. 12/08 thru 12/14
* Matinees - Show Every Day
** Late Shows - Fri. & Sat. Only
 12:50p* 3:25p   6:00p  8:35p**  PG
The Star
  2:20p   6:50p    PG
Daddy's Home 2
 12:00p*  4:30p    9:00p**  PG13
Justice League - 3D
 1:10p*    6:30p    PG13
Justice League - 2D
  3:50p     9:10p**  PG13
Thor: Ragnarok - 3D
  3:30p     9:00p**  PG13
Coco - 3D
 1:00p*    6:20p    PG
Murder On the Orient Express
 1:30p* 4:05p   6:40p  9:15p**  PG13
Thor: Ragnarok - 2D
 12:40p*    6:10p    PG13
Coco - 2D
  3:30p     9:00p**  PG